A Segment of One

Didit’s marketing teams use data to isolate an infinite number of buyer targets into segments of one. We can locate your buyer, assign value, create enticement, track activity, and secure a sale with high-impact messaging that can’t be ignored. The Didit formula for success creates the ultimate potential for PPC sales and remarketing opportunities.In addition, our technologies are continually being improved to meet new marketplace challenges as they present themselves. Didit works closely with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other engines on the reinvention of advertising, receiving exclusive access to cutting-edge, invitation-only Beta tests for new program evaluation and assessment. We process over 30 million keywords, make more daily bid decisions than the other major firms combined, and own more hardware than anyone else in the industry. That’s the power of Didit.

What is MAPS?

A new Didit audience segmentation technology that we’re particularly excited about is Didit MAPS, a groundbreaking way to provide marketers with a choice of dozens of audience factors especially suited to their product or service. These factors are then translated into thousands of perfectly tailored regional markets primed for targeting. This gives marketers the ability to instantly implement strategies that would have normally required decades of data collection and analysis.The analysis of these specific audience traits, such as wealth, age, interests, family size, income, climate, and, of course highest online converters helps Didit create a customized buyer profile that can be geographically pinpointed. That advantage magnifies the value of online spend, and translates into greater click conversions. And because MAPS runs independently from any campaign management system, it can simply plug into any existing search or display campaign with instant results. Didit can even alter or change the MAPS technology on the fly. MAPS is presently offered as a stand alone product, as well as a key component of Didit’s full range of services. Read our MAPS Case Study for Corel here.

MAPS has everything you would ask for in audience-targeted software.

SIMPLE — Plug-in operation makes start-up and shutdown instantaneous.FAST —You’ll see results happening right away as conversions multiply.CUSTOMIZED — Each region is independent. Bid management and creative are targeted.STEALTHFUL – Your strategy is undetectable.VERSATILE — You can continue to manage your campaigns as usual.FLEXIBLE — As your campaigns change, MAPS will automatically adapt.INEXPENSIVE — More conversions – low per click fee.Find out more about MAPS here.