Our SEO experts have both technical depth and marketing acumen. With an average of seven years of dedicated search engine optimization experience, each can think about the overarching business objectives of a client while carrying out strategic and tactical plans to effectively harvest organic search traffic.

Our process for designing and carrying out SEO has proved its effectiveness again and again. Our process is not “one size fits all” but is customized to the exact needs of each of our clients.

For many enterprise-level SEO projects, the same basic framework can be shared, reused, adapted, and perfected; this core framework serves as a starting point for the customization process. Here’s a summary of how our SEO process works:

1. Benchmarking and Discovery (Definition of business requirements/Development of strategy for keyphrases/Identification of benchmarks)

2. Website Technology and Design Analysis (Identification of technology roadblocks/Creation of remediation strategy/Optimization of Web design/Active involvement with your team to help convey SEO strategy)

3. Optimization of content (Information architecture analysis/Content audit/Optimization of content)

4. Link Popularity Assessment (Development of linking strategy/Prioritization of linking programs/Assessment of submissions and indexing procedures)

5. Campaign Analysis/Reporting (Establishment of reporting for web analytics and SERP position/Definition of features for performance reports/Creation and monthly analysis of reports)

We value each client engagement as an opportunity to partner on the shared goal of increasing business market share, and work best as an extension of your marketing and Web development team.