Mom may know more about social media than you think

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May 9, 2014: This may be hard for the millennial generation to understand, but Mom isn’t totally out of the loop when it comes to social media. As Gen X grows up and settles down, the number of parents hitting the web increases. According to surveys done by Baby Center, moms can be bigger influencers than representatives of other demographics. This is probably due to their infinite wisdom. (Hi Mom!), plus their access to devices like Smart TV’s, smart phones, and tablets, all of which are becoming mainstream and more affordable. Moms are four times more likely to prefer checking their social media feeds on their smart phones.  Mobile apps make it easier for busy moms (at work and home) to check up on their social media feeds.

YouTube is a huge draw for moms, probably due to the wide array of mom-bloggers and advice videos. YouTube is an influential medium for mothers seeking how-to’s, product recommendations, and advice from other mothers. The reach percentage outweighs the general population on platforms like Instagram and Twitter . 73% of moms surveyed said that they used parenting-oriented social media channels for product recommendations (up 66% from 2009). Social media also makes it easier for busy parents to keep in touch and share milestones/photos with friends and family, so it has become an integral part of family life. It’s hard these days to browse Facebook without seeing photos of users’ children. 300 million photos are shared by proud mothers every day! Facebook seems to be the preferred platform for sharing these moments; with ~90% of moms saying it was their preferred social sharing site. There are 3.2 billion mom likes and comments on Facebook daily.

Savvy moms also spend more online than the general population. With the accessibility and convenience of online savings, it’s no wonder families take advantage of online retail. 78% of moms surveyed admitted that they like brands that let them in on discounts and promotions on social media. The average mom valued promotion availability over experience with products — this shows how important it is for brands to appeal to online customers through perks.

baby center social media influence momsOne of the most important takeaways from Baby Center’s findings is finding out how much moms rely on the opinions of other mothers and friends. According to the survey, posts from friends are 16% more influential than posts from a brand, while posts from another mom are 55% more influential on social moms. Moms want what’s best for their family, and who is more trustworthy than another mom?  These stats prove to be invaluable for brands that wish to reach the family demographic. The takeaway for brands is that it’s not about selling your products as much as it’s about helping and supporting customers. Moms rely on the opinion of other members of their demographic, which means trust-building becomes very important for brands. Offering promotions and excellent customer service through social media are two ways to gain trust and followers. Most importantly, your brand needs to present a good product that will encourage customers (especially mothers) to recommend it to friends.