By Steve Baldwin: June 14, 2013

An interview with Mike Miller, Google’s director of Industrial Markets, was posted to on June 14th, and Miller points out some interesting trends that B2B marketers need to consider. These findings were derived from a recent study that Google carried out with Web analytics company

Here some highlights:

Search-based B2B Queries Are Rising
Business purchases are increasingly involving Internet-based research, and this trend accelerated in 2012, which saw a jump in such research from 71 to 82 percent, a jump that Miller calls “huge” in light of prior history, where year-over-year leaps were usually “in the single digits.” This research primarily relies on search, and search-based research jumped from 67 percent in 2011 to 90 percent in 2012.

B2B Video Is Hot
Miller cites “how to” videos as being particularly popular in the B2B space, due to the fact that B2B products are frequently complex and therefore in need of long-form visual explanation. Miller seems to regard videos as an adjunct — not an outright replacement, of the familiar downloadable white paper.

B2B Messaging Needs to be Consistent (But Context-Sensitive)
While B2B message consistency is important for branding purposes, the same kind of messaging that’s effective in reaching a user arriving at a B2B site through a search query, direct access, or e-mail prompt may fail in different channels, notably social media and in video. B2B marketers need to think carefully about the context for their messaging as deeply as they do about the message’s content.