March 22, 2016: With the success of our Top 10 LinkedIn Icon Types, we figured that we should warn you about other kinds of LinkedIn disasters. We here at Didit know that we would shy away from hiring or doing business with anyone who would commit these types of LinkedIn Icon errors. Before LinkedIn figures out a way to lower your ranking based on an eye roll in their algorithm, here are our examples of portrait types to avoid.


1. The Hipster – Also known as The Barista. Similar to the Poser (on our last list) , except with 100% more condescension.


2.  The Family Man – While we support all things family, mugging with your kids in what is ostensibly a photo on a professional profile seems a bit excessive. This isn’t Facebook!


3. The Duckface – Why this is inappropriate for LinkedIn should be obvious.


4. The Politician – While LinkedIn is, indeed, a place for a more serious photo, this is a little too much. Social Media is also about being engaging and approachable. There’s something artificial and stiff about this kind of portrait.


5. The Kumbaya – Your hobbies/political views, etc. are great, but save them for the other networks (or no social media at all).

look away

6. The Look Away – We see photos like this all the time, especially from the young and artsy. Even if your profile is very dignified, please face the camera for your profile photo!


7. The Instagram – The only thing worse than a photo that looks like it was manipulated on a desktop is a photo that looks like it was touched up on a smart phone.


8. The Employed – While displaying the fact that you’re industrious is a plus, this always feels staged and a little sad. This is another of those “unengaged” photos.


9. The Artsy Portrait– Everyone loves a photo of a beautiful person, but that staged art that your photog friend made using your face is a little much. Save it for Instagram or Facebook and ask that photo friend to take a classic portrait.

ant man

10. The Ant-Man – You may want to retake that photo, but use the zoom this time.

As we recommended in our last article, if your LinkedIn icon matches any of these photos, we urge you to upload another photo to your profile. Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Iphoneography to help you out while you look for a professional photographer for that headshot.

Want to know more about setting up your personal LinkedIn Profile? Check out our e-book: A Simple Introduction to LinkedIn.

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10 More LinkedIn Icon Portraits to Avoid
Your LinkedIn icon can make or break how users and connections view your profile. Are you guilty of any of these mistakes?