Didit Media offers a real-time display advertising platform that converts shoppers into buyers using its advanced remarketing technology. This platform bids appropriately for each person, not each segment. The result: lower media costs and higher sales.

Re-targeting Infographic

The odds of you selling something to someone who’s never bought anything online before: zero.

Why are you wasting ad budget on them? Right now, on every ad network, you’re buying your audience by vertical segment, but not everybody in your vertical is a potential customer. Didit Media bids higher for users more prone to transact – people who’ve actually bought goods online – and less for window shoppers or compulsive clickers. The result is dramatically lower media costs and measurably higher sales.


  • Identify individual new user
  • Evaluate individual user’s value
  • Real-time bid driven by individual user
  • Display Unique Ad Impression
  • Dynamic/dedupe reporting