Most paid search bid management software update their all-important bid price changes once a day (at best). This means that bids are almost always too high or too low to achieve an optimum conversion rate.

Request SEM consultation Maestro is the only paid search bid management system that works in real time.

follows a “heat-seeking missile” methodology — using your target to continuously measure the cost of each lead/sale (in real time) to determine the best position to deliver the highest conversion rate. Meastro is capable of processing 30 million keyword/keyphrase combinations each day, making more daily bid decisions than other top firms combined.


  • Real-time keyword bidding
  • Automated management through all major search engine APIs
  • Around the clock monitoring 24/7/365
  • Continuous data streaming
  • Pinpoint target display remarketing
  • Dazzling reports
  • Drill-down analytics
  • Prospect profiler
  • Big Brain capacity for large, complex campaigns

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