Didit Maestro

Maestro is Didit’s proprietary bid management system that produces the best ROI and raw market share-building power in the industry. Maestro’s results cannot be matched by competitors because it is the only bid management system that works in real-time. It follows a “heat-seeking missile” methodology — using your target to continuously measure the cost of each lead/sale (in real-time) and determine the best position to deliver the highest conversion rate. No one in the industry owns as much hardware as we do — we process over 30 million keywords and make more daily bid decisions than other top firms combined.Maestro also has a custom built reporting interface, displaying all of your data on one dashboard, across all engines, keywords, with sorting and filtering capabilities, and much, more detail.


  • Real-time keyword bidding
  • Automated management through all major search engine APIs
  • Around the clock monitoring 24/7/365
  • Continuous data streaming
  • Pinpoint target display remarketing
  • Dazzling reports
  • Drill-down analytics
  • Prospect profiler
  • Big Brain capacity for large, complex campaigns