Didit CEO Kevin Lee will be appearing as a guest panelist during Search Marketing Expo West in San Jose, CA on March 12, 2013. For more information visit: http://searchmarketingexpo.com/west/Big Data & Search Marketing (#smx #23B) 1:30pm – 2:45pm

Big data is huge. The ability to learn from and leverage millions to billions of data points can help you take your search marking campaign to the next level, even with a relatively modest budget. Want the insights needed to predict the difference between a converting click and a wasted click? Emerging third-party big data sources and search tools are there to help, and in this session, our panelists will explore practical applications of leveraging big data to maximize search and social media campaigns.

Up Close With Product Listing Ads (#smx #24D) 3:30pm – 4:45pm
Think understanding quality score for ads is challenging? With Google’s introduction of Product Listing Ads (PLAs) the success of your ad is now even more complicated. Beyond optimizing your CPC bids based on keyword, match type, device, time of day, day of week and other “old school” criteria, you must now consider variables such as sales price on CTR and eventual conversion rate, images in feeds and an array of other new factors. Our panelists will show you how to sort through the options and achieve success without having your brain explode.

Aaron Kupferberg

Aaron Kupferberg

Creative Director at Didit
A veteran Creative Director with over 20 years experience in graphic design, digital and print advertising. Aaron has authored articles on a Landing Page Usability, and Emerging Design Trends. Prior to joining Didit Aaron spent 5 years at TMP Worldwide/Monster.com as an Art Director and Interactive Designer. In his spare time he reviews new rock and roll musicians on his blog, Powerpopaholic.com and is the acting Barista for Didit employees looking for a good cup of coffee.
Aaron Kupferberg

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