corelCorel is a global internet retailer in the computer software industry with a secondary focus on acquiring free trial sign ups. Even though the retailer is a recognized brand, they found that interest in online products were slowing.

The Challenge
For Corel, the challenge was to increase sales/trials and efficiency overall. Didit tested the correlation of conversion rate to geographic location on a micromanagement level. Unique bidding strategies by city/DMA were determined by Didit’s customized Map, created exclusively for Corel.

The Insight
Initial tests used a compilation of all historical Didit conversion data across multiple business goal types including Lead Generation, ROI and CPO. More recent initiatives including this case study are utilizing Maps specific to business goal, business vertical, or other demographic data.

Results (after one month of applying Didit Maps)

  • 111% increase in spend
  • 144% increase in revenue
  • 16% increase in ROI
  • 135% increase in sales
  • 204% increase in free trial sign ups

By concentrating efforts in higher converting geographic locations, the conversion rate increased by 15%case_History_Chart

In more recent reports, 2 months following initial launch, the spend, revenue, and sales are still maintaining the increased levels and Corel has given approval for the expansion of Maps to additional product lines. “Corel continues to see increased success metrics as we utilize the audience targeting platform of MAPS to assist our overall search strategy.” – Derek Tucker, Global Marketing Manager