storytelling facebookJanuary 18, 2013: Facebook unveiled “Graph Search” this past week. Although the new service is in its infancy and does not currently support paid listings, it’s likely that marketers will be given a chance to buy listings sometime in the future through Bing, which powers it. Here’s my first take on Graph Search, along with observations on how Graph Search may force Bing-based PPC advertisers to adopt a new set of strategies and tactics tailored for it.

As I note in the article, the personalization element of Facebook’s SERP is far beyond what Google is accomplishing with Google+ integration. The unanswered questions for us as — search marketers are:

  1. How much search volume is expected to appear in the Bing-powered Facebook as a result of Facebook user adoption?
  2. How will search queries and keyword use differ when consumers are searching their social network’s history, knowledge, and expertise?
  3. How will conversion rates on Facebook referral traffic differ from traditional search?
  4. Should traffic originating from a social search be treated differently, and should personalized landing pages be deployed that resemble your brand’s Facebook presence more than they do a typical website?
  5. Will Bing allow for Facebook search traffic to be:
    • Turned off?
    • Bid separately?
    • Directed to an alternate Facebook URL?
  6. Should we handle “brand searches” differently in a social search environment compared to traditional search?

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