ClickZ | By Kevin Lee | December 21, 2012

Until recently, I was convinced that SEM, SEO, and Social Media management tasks were best performed by specialized agencies capable of devoting a laser-like focus to each discipline. But changes in the marketing environment, as well as the willingness of IT departments to comply with internal marketing directives, have caused me to evolve my views. I’m now convinced that a unified approach to these marketing disciplines, practiced by a team that communicates well, provides more benefits to clients than a piece-meal approach. This article provides five compelling reasons for clients to contract with a one-stop shop with a holistic approach.

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Aaron Kupferberg

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A veteran Creative Director with over 20 years experience in graphic design, digital and print advertising. Aaron has authored articles on a Landing Page Usability, and Emerging Design Trends. Prior to joining Didit Aaron spent 5 years at TMP Worldwide/ as an Art Director and Interactive Designer. In his spare time he reviews new rock and roll musicians on his blog, and is the acting Barista for Didit employees looking for a good cup of coffee.

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